VMA’s: The Good, The Bad, and The WTF

Another year and another Video Music Awards. The only difference is that this one is actually worth talking about. Depending who you were, this was either the worst or best VMA’s you’ve ever seen. If you were old, or maybe just an all around decent person, it was probably disturbing. If you were a 13 year old boy,it was a rush of almost bare butts and countless side boobs. So here is the good, the bad, and the WTF? from the 2013 VMA’s.


The Good


Kanye West’s performance of  “Blood on the Leaves” was probably the best one of the night with Bruno Mars’ new single, Gorilla, coming in at a close secondHigh energy and not too much pizzazz was a perfect fit for Kanye’s piece, and his dance moves weren’t too bad either. With little to no light, Kanye’s silhouette was perfectly seen against the backdrop of Steve McQueen’s painting: Lynching Tree, a tasteful reference to the song “Strange Fruit” from which “Blood on the Leaves”—as well as most of Kanye’s album, Yeezus—steals from. A powerful visual for a powerful song, Kanye holds nothing back in his 7th performance at the VMA’s and was definitely one of the better performers of the night.

Also, was this the VMA’s or a Justin Timberlake concert? That may have been one hell of a long performance by J.T., but at least it was a good one. Justin took his audience on a journey through his career singing snippets of everything form Mirrors to Rock Your Body. And let’s be honest, anytime N’SYNC gets together to sing a couple of their hits, it’s just plain awesome. One Direction should take notes. Always a great performer, Justin danced and sang like the pop president he is and never disappoints.


The Bad


Lady Gaga always gets attention, and this performance was no different. From the very beginning with her looks like an egg close up, to her multiple wardrobe changes, and finally to her barely audible singing, this was just a bad performance overall. Playing her new hit Applause, Gaga’s performance was like something right out of the musical Cats. But at least we got to see some unexpected ass at the end, which almost made the performance worthwhile…almost.

Other mediocre performances included Katy Perry with her over hyped performance of “Roar”. Weak vocals and sub-par choreography made it watchable, but not even the Brooklyn bridge made it a memorable one. 




Miley Cyrus. Period. What else can you say BUT what the fuck? Her hair, her outfit, and her terrible dancing all made for a disaster of a performance. But hey, isn’t the point of pop music to be popular? And Miley’s performance certainly got people talking. Social media has not been kind to Miley after it all went down Sunday night, and why should it? It should be a punishable offence to twerk with that little amount of booty. Even the vocals where pitchy and out of tune. But she didn’t completely ruin it…wait, what am I talking about, of course she did! Making a fool out of herself was not worth it in this writers opinion, and I feel bad for her. But if nothing else, it was certainly a performance to remember. Which is something the VMAs lacked in previous years.


Written by Ricky Aguilar

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Frank Cass is a regular contributor to Badger Senate, writer, and multi-instrumentalist musician with interest in the neo blues and folk movements.