The Only Playlist You Need to Ace Your Exams

Study PlaylistIt’s the end of the semester and you’ve hit the wall…hard. You’ve been watching Hulu and perusing YouTube for the last couple of days because the homework has stopped, but that was only the calm before the storm. Now it is time to batton down the hatches and take cover in the library, your only life boat during finals week. Here is the playlist that’s going to help you get focused and ace those exams.

1. “Caring Is Creepy” – The Shins

This song, just like you, is full of good ideas. Listen to James Mercer’s references to philosophical geniuses, and let it fill you with inspiration.

2. “Candy” – Wake Owl

Calm down and crack open those textbooks because there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just listen and follow along.

3. “Man On Fire” – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Get psyched! It’s the third song and you’ve actually begun to work!

4. “Submarines” – The Lumineers

Don’t let your study buddy tell you you’re wrong even if your track record isn’t the best, there is a small chance you’re still right!

5. “That Old Black Hole” – Dr. Dog

Keep your head down and absorb the sounds of Dr. Dog. The doctor knows best.

6. “Agora” – Bear Hands

Motivation is key; use this energetic jam to stay happy about the songs you know and skip the ones that are just too hard to bother with.

7. “Distraction #74” – The Avett Brothers

You’ve earned it! Grab that fifth five-dollar coffee, hit the head, and check your Twitter. Meet back in 45 minutes, you don’t have all day to waste.

8. “Firelight” – Young The Giant

Take it easy and stay calm; even though you fell asleep on your study break, it was only a 90-minute nap. That’s like watching “one” episode of “The Office” on Netflix, you’re fine.

9. “People Say (Acoustic)” – Portugal. The Man

Time to get serious, just like Portugal says, if you can make it through one problem, you might make it through all of them.

10. “Mountain Dreams” – Family Vacation

Be happy! You’ve finished studying for the night! And it’s only 9:15, so you can make it to that party after all! Use this song to get yourself excited for it, you deserve it after all that hard work.

Written by Tom Johnson