Sunny Daze: Ten Tracks to Jam to This Spring



Lets face it, you’ve been hitting shuffle on your iPod for weeks. With the ice meltin’ and the air warmin’, spring is well and truly in the air, and what better time than the present to add in some spicy new tracks to flavor up the big Baba Ganoush that is your iPod. So, come in from the cold, take my hand, and know that when you finally get to bask in the glory of the warm spring sun — you’ll know just the tune. 

 Ducktails – “Hamilton Road”

Press play and close your eyes. Really close ’em. Hear that? It’s spring calling. Soak it in.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Baby”

This track is guaranteed to make you feel way sexier than you actually are.

The Band – “The Weight” 

Nothing beats a good ‘ole trip down to Nazareth with the boys in The Band, so grab a brew, head out to the roof, and pretend its August.

Nora Dean – “Barbwire”

Get a load of this — hit play and let the fuzziness embrace you. Though she might not be a household name, Nora Dean has churned out some real gems, so untangle yourself from the grips of your indie-rock playlist and get wrapped up in “Barbwire.”

Mac Demarco – “Ode to Viceroy”

Not too many people can get away with writing a song that is so obviously about loving cigarettes. Well, Mac Demarco is the exception to the rule; he’s zany, impulsive, and refreshing. Check out that wink around the forty-five second mark — classic.

Otis Redding – “Tramp”

Feeling a little funky? Do yourself a favor and break this bad boy out at your next party. You really have nothing to lose, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a chance to debut those experimental dance moves you’ve been working on so diligently in front of the mirror.

Wild Nothing – “Paradise”

Wild Nothing is the quintessential summer band. Take a break from bemoaning the seemingly never-ending cold weather and take a trip to paradise. Sun-soaked synths and groovy guitars will have you nodding along in no time.

Frank Zappa – “Peaches En Regalia”

Add some psychedelia to your musical palate with this delicious tune by the funky Frank Zappa.

Talking Heads – “Naive Melody (This Must Be the Place)”

Wipe the sleep off your face and savor that walk to class with this Talking Heads Classic.

Devendra Banhart – “Shabop Shalom”

Mixing some Elvis flare with his own signature quirkiness, Devendra takes you to the land of heebie-jeebies and doo-wops with this track about sweet, sweet love.

Written by Noveen Bajpai

About the author

Noveen is a current student at the University of Michigan studying English. Outside of the classroom, he is a devout quesadilla enthusiast and is rumored to be seeking anyone willing to sing "The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald" with him.