Summer Music Wrap-up and Fall Preview


Summer Music wrap-up and Fall preview

As much as so many people try to avoid it, the summer of 2014 is coming to an end. I personally am glad to see it go, at least musically. The summer jams this year have left me wanting more, and actually disappointed. The many of the songs dominating this summer’s charts are lackluster, generic and simply lack the elements of a great summer song: Good beat, sexy and simmering lyrics, and when it ends, an overall sunny glow left on your face. Maybe I am just spoiled from last year’s myriad of summer hits. “Blurred Lines”, “I Don’t Care”, “Can’t Hold Us” and others had every aspect of a soild summer hit, and reached massive success. This year’s selection of Iggy Azalea’s flat rap, Arianna Grande’s shrill trill, and the dozen of dance-infused songs that all sound the same just couldn’t live up to last year. That being said, there were a handful of summer gems hidden within the minutiae this season. Here are this writer’s choices for the top five songs of the summer:

5. “Aint it Fun”- Paramore
While it technically came out in the spring, it was still everywhere. It’s extremely singable,
perfect for long car rides with friends and the windows down.

4. “Boom Clap”- Charlie XCX
An uplifting, likeable and danceable track. It helps that it was tied to one of the summer’s
biggest blockbusters, too.

3. “Love Runs Out”- OneRepublic
The sheer groove of this song… all of the makings of a great summer song. It’s catchy and
infectious, and OneRepublic is so easily likeable.

2. “Sing”- Ed Sheeran.
Now this song has the sexy bump for summer nights. I love the musicality and Sheeran’s silky
voice. Also props to him for pulling an artistic 360®… I still can’t believe he is the same guy who
made “Lego House”.

1. “All of Me- Tiesto Radio Remix”-John Legend.
While it’s not the typical summer jam, it has the solid dance component and the ability to
become the soundtrack to any summer romance. It’s just a great song, and Tiesto’s remix just
elevates it to dance-pop likeability.

As for what music has in store for us this fall, several big artists are releasing new stuff. DJ Steve Aoki, up and coming on the pop charts, drops his album next week. Arianna Grande has already pumped out another album, coming out in the end of the month. Young Jeezy, Karen O and Lights are releasing new material in September, which also brings the three albums I’m most looking forward to, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s collaboration, Gerard Way’s solo album and Weezer’s new album. Overall, I’m excited for the releases of the fall, and hopefully, they can make up for this summer.

Written by S. Elyse Schultz