Pop Star Face Smash: The Band Perry v. Craig Morgan

Pop Star Face Smash The Band Perry v Caig MorganRap music and Country couldn’t be more different, or at least that’s what their fans say. But are they really  all that different? Both tell a story, both involve guns, both involve illegal activity, and both involve the poor. It seems the only differences that exist between rap and country are that one is predominantly black the other white, and that while one is a fantasy, the other is true. But I don’t think country music is really as honest as its fans make it out to be. Sure, focuses on common problems of the modern American; although Cash only went to Folsom Prison to perform. But it appears that the country we know today is nothing but a fantasy.

Country no longer finds itself filled with real world instances. Instead, it’s filled with ridiculous imagery of trucks, fields, and firearms—not more cliche than hip hop’s strippers and drugs. And if you need an example, let’s not look farther than The Band Perry’s new album, Pioneer, with their rocking breakup track “Chainsaw.”

This song sounds like any other country track on the radio, which is probably why it sounds disturbingly similar to Craig Morgan’s “Bonfire,” a track about a kegger in a field. Now you may be thinking, “Alex, what’s so hard to believe about a party in an open field? That’s not fantasy, that’s fairly possible.” Bull Shit! I had a kegger once and it took me two hours and four friends to get that damn thing up the porch and into the house. And I live in the city, where there’s a liquor story every quarter mile. You’re telling me that this guy just lugged a big ass keg into a field and magically attractive girls with nice hair and all their teeth showed up? Nice try, but you’re going to have to work harder than that Mr. Morgan, I work at Badger Senate and I know B.S. when I see it… or rather hear it.

(not the real video, but I think we can all agree it’s a more appropriate fit to the song).

Okay, so maybe they don’t sound exactly the same, but that’s beside the point. The unfortunate world of country clichés has taken The Band Perry and turned them into a group I don’t give two shits about. “If I Die Young” did great on the radio, but I don’t care how much you can lift, bro—everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, knew the words to what was probably the daintiest track to ever hit pop stations. But this track and other singles like “All Your Life,” off their first self-titled album, sounded unique. Shockingly, that made them really popular.  The wholesomeness struck us and made us think. Now, listeners aren’t left with much to think about: believing I live in a magical country world where kegs end up in fields, girls can yield chainsaws, and pretty women always show up wherever there is alcohol, even if it’s in a shady field. Hell, let’s throw some wizards, dragons, and unicorns in there too, after all, anything can happen, it’s only country music.

Written by Alex Baumgarten

About the author

Alex Baumgarten is the administrative director of BadgerSenate.com. He contributed to TheCoope.com, is a reader for Fortnight Literary Press, and is the music blogger for consideronline.org in Ann Arbor Michigan. He is currently a student at The University of Michigan studying English.