Pop Star Face Smash: Katy Perry v. Lady Gaga


Pop Star Face Smash Katy Perry Lady Gaga

What do Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have in common? Well for starters, they’re both a lot like animals at the zoo in the sense that they’re really entertaining to look at. But where as Katy Perry is like a baby kangaroo or a peacock, Gaga is more like the sort of animal that makes you really question whether or not God really does love all his creatures. But when you think of Gaga/Perry similarities, the first thing that probably comes to mind are the pair’s competing singles—“Applause” and “Roar”—which both released last week. There has been a lot of flack over witch single does or should reign superior. Now, Badger Senate is here to put a stop to the argument, and we’re doing it the only way we know how: Pop Star Face Smash.

Gaga’s single, “Applause”, comes fast out of the gate, ready to remind people why we didn’t just put up with her antics, but became infatuated with them ever sense she hit the scene in 2008. But the single takes a different direction than her later work. How can I tell? Well for starters, I actually liked it. But this may not be entirely good for team Gaga. When the person who has made a point to never listen to “Bad Romance” all the way through—and is damn proud of it—likes your song, it’s only natural that some of your more regular fan base may be disappointed with it. However if Gaga lets you down with her music, she more than makes up for it with one of the gayest lyric video ever—and I mean gay even for Gaga.

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Exhibit A

Next, the pop princess Miss. Perry.  “Roar” was criticized heavily after its release being called “boring” and “lacking direction.” But the real fire storm surrounding “Roar” came after heavy criticism—including Badger Senate criticism—claimed that the song was too similar, or maybe even a complete theft, of Sara Bareilies’ “Brave.” Now bad music and theft may not sound too great, but Perry dose have some good points. For one, she is really attractive—see exhibit A. And if high school taught us anything, it’s that attractive people win. But at least Perry makes up for bad music with an interesting video. Now I’m no fan of emojies…JK, of course I am :D—but I’m sure the tween/teen girl fans of Perry love them, and seeing her song written out in emojies made this video worth watching.

So who’s the winner? According to iTunes, it’s Perry with Gaga unable to upset her number one spot—at least in the U.S. It’s no surprise. Perry went with the easy way out, sticking to her principals that sold music in the past. But as far as this senator is concerned, it’s Gaga all the way. Not only is her song just more entering and better, she also had a video that meant something. It might be hard for some to watch a drag show, no matter how good the song is, but at least the video advocating for acceptance. Perry’s videos is just a rip off. I mean, how can Perry write a song about standing up for yourself when the person doing it in her video is doing it trough text messages!?!?! If you can’t stand up to someone face to face, it’s really not standing up at all.

Written by Alex Baumgarten

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