Why Pop Music Reigns Supremer


Firstly if you’re reading this I direct your attention to Alaina Stevenson’s article “Why Country Music Reigns Supreme.” It’s a fine article and gave me the idea to write this one, so really all the credit is due to her. She described country as the supreme champion of music genres citing it’s honesty as the main reason, but Ned Stark taught us all that honesty is not always the best policy.

What pop brings to the table is the best of the current trends. Pop is a constantly evolving genre that can change drastically every couple of years.It is a mix and mash of all the best parts of the different genres throughout time. Vocal harmonies from gospel and soul music, instrumentation from jazz and rock, the driving beats from dance music, and even the rhythm of hip hop. Artists like Lorde or Katy Perry, some of the biggest names in pop today, have been influenced by bands from Prince to Joni Mitchell. Each genre, and many more, have kept pop on the up and up of what is trending at the time. This has made it the most appropriate music of any generation.

Pop is out there to make sure you have a great time and it uses everything available to do that. Most songs are lighthearted enough to be listened to in any setting and can bring just about anyone into a better mood. That is not to say that there aren’t bad pop songs, because there are plenty of those, but the ones that are good can be enjoyed by countless people all over. The genre plays to the crowd, and while people call that fake and unoriginal, there is no better way to get the crowd going and excited in what you’re doing on stage or from the booth. Go to a pop concert and watch as they blow your top through awesome stage antics and killer presence.

What pop music has done that few genres can say, is it brings people from different cultures together. The genre incorporated black-styled music in the early years when black culture was frowned upon. In recent years pop music was taken by storm from the South Korean musician Psy. Even though people may not have understood his lyrics from his song “Gangnam Style” it was internationally enjoyed, taking the number two spot on the Billboard rankings at it’s peak. Pop music, by it’s nature, is meant to evolve, so taking styles from different cultures is a given.

We are surrounded by pop music. It’s always on our radios being played. It crosses genres constantly making us want more. It tops charts across the globe bringing people together for some good old fashioned fun. So, I ask you dear reader; Which genre truly reigns supreme?

Written by Jacob Conflitti

About the author

A soon to be UofM grad hoping to break into the world of writing, although his poor grasp of grammar does not help.