Old Sock? More like Shit Sock

Claptin Old SockYou don’t even have to listen to Eric Clapton’s new album to know it sucks. Honestly, I couldn’t even get past the fucking album art.

Clapton released Old Sock, featuring a cover that includes a Microsoft Word Art title and a selfy courtesy of Clapton’s iPhone. Come on, I can’t tell if this is guitar god Eric Clapton or a fifteen year old high school girl in duck face.

But the album does have some good points. For instance, if you play a track and skip to any part in that same song, the pacing of the tracks and bland overdone reggae instrumentation of the entire album will trick you into thinking that nothing has happened. So basically, this is an album you can scratch the hell out of and it will still sound exactly the same. So, that’s good.

Look Clapton,  I love you and you are a great guitarist, but you lost me at the cover. This is just a reminder of how poor effort on the album cover often reflects poor effort in the music. Don’t waste your time with shit sock.

About the author

Frank Cass is a regular contributor to Badger Senate, writer, and multi-instrumentalist musician with interest in the neo blues and folk movements.