Musicians To Follow on Vine

What’s better than Facebook and funnier than Twitter? Why that’s Vines of course. Few things are more fun than watching famous people record themselves acting like fools or hanging out with other celebrities for six seconds. With social media becoming more important in today’s world, many musicians are taking up some directorial duties to get their names out. Here are some of the best.

Tyler, the Creator

If you like Tyler’s aggressive form of comedy, then his vine is the place for you. Through his videoes, viewers can grasp a little context with his jokes, which is completely lacking in tweet form. Not only will his jokes make more sense and save everyone from misunderstandings, but getting to see his facial expressions adds another level of hilarity.

Brendon Urie

The lead singer of Panic At the Disco combines his sense of humor with his musical talents. Look out for positive hardcore Thursdays and plenty of hijinks while on the road. He keeps it light and if you don’t get a laugh out of them, at least expect a little giggle.

Snoop Dogg

The life of the Dogg may not be what you expect, or it may be exactly what you expect. From his vines you seen plenty of shots of him and his friends smoking down and hanging out. When he isn’t busy doing that he’ll be showing his fine viewers behind the scenes or what he’s up to with his sponsors and football league.

Kacey Musgraves

The rising star on the country scene has plenty of adorable re-vines for anyone looking for a smile. When she’s gotten done making hearts melt she’ll have a few videos of her goofing off or at concerts performing with big names like Willie Nelson.

Miley Cyrus

It isn’t all twerks all the time, surprisingly enough, with the Miley. There are plenty of shots of her on stage performing, but some of the best are the ones from her hotel rooms, working on choreography, chilling at home, or singing about canned corn. These vines offer a deeper look into who Miley truly is.

Justin Martin

This DJ from San Francisco has got videos for every type of person. Want to see him hanging out with fans at concerts? He’s got them. He shows off how it’s done while collaborating with other musicians. Then if you’re just looking for a big of silliness, he’s got that as well with plenty of shorts of him and friends making jokes and acting silly.

Paul McCartney

Following McCartney¬†will not only show you what the former Beatle is up to but may also educate his viewers. He likes to play “guess the song” and has trivia games with his fans. It’s a good way to show off your knowledge and see him on tour or working on upcoming stuff. Remember, no cheating!

Written by Jacob Conflitti

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