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newromanceThe beauty of music videos is that they offer a glimpse into the mind of the artist and see lets us see the crazy ideas that their songs are supposed to represent. Since I’m a bit of a cinephile my favorite kinds of music videos are those that pay homage to famous movies. So I took a look and found some of my favorite movie-referencing music videos.

First up is Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” A greased up and hunked out version of Fritz Lang’s art deco “Metropolis.” While his film represents a city fallen victim to the spirit of industrialization and classism, Madonna paints a picture of her on top of this capitalist world with all the hottest guys working as slaves in the bowls of city. Also it never stops raining on these guys I can only imagine why. A pretty upbeat song that isn’t bad for a listen while the video will make all the girls (and some of the guys) go wild.

Moving ahead a few years and we have 2Pac’s “California Love,” featuring both Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman, which is set in a post-apocalyptic future California that closely resembles a dusty and destroyed Australia from the Mad Max series, specifically “Beyond Thunderdome.” While good old Mel Gibson rode around the wastes righting wrongs and whupping ass, 2Pac and crew are more about rescuing beautiful women and taking them to their awesome parties. While not as bloody and vicious as its counterpart the music video does still have the ramshackle rides and all important Thunderdome. Throwing back to this popular franchise combined with the rapping dynamo that was 2Pac its a video fun for all ages.

For a more recent film, and one I actually believe people around here have seen, is the undying “Final Destination” series. With number five having come out in 2011 the cast is full of newbies to the series, and happened to have a musician amongst their midst. Promoting the film Miles Fisher, playing the protagonists best friend, put out a music video accompanying his song “New Romance.” The video is a double mashup of both Final Destination and Saved By the Bell into the morbidly hilarious “Final Destination” high school music video. While having all of the brutality of the FD film, it also has the goofy hijinks of “Saved by the Bell.” Best part is that all the cast members showed up from the film. The video is pretty graphic, albeit silly at the same time, so click the link at your own risk.

So those are some of my favorite movies into music videos. While they were all good choices  I’m still pulling for Beyonce to make a Jurassic Park themed one, then my life would be complete.

Written by Jacob Conflitti

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A soon to be UofM grad hoping to break into the world of writing, although his poor grasp of grammar does not help.