Tuesday March 25th, 2014

10:57 A.M. EST

Back row of my anthropology lecture hall. I spot at least six other people with the same brightly-colored website called up on their laptops. Today is the day. T minus three minutes until Lollapalooza three-day passes go on sale.

10:58 A.M. EST

My anthropology notes are minimized, my laptop cursor is on the refresh button, at the ready to be first in line to snag my tickets to the three-day music festival featuring over 100 bands on 8 stages held in Grant Park of Chicago.

10:59 A.M. EST

My palms are sweating, my hands are shaking. Images of thousands of music lovers geared up with fanny packs and Camelbaks roaming around Grant Park under the Chicago summer sun dance around in my mind. One minute stood between me and three days of sweaty, loud, and relatively unhygienic days of pure perfection.

11:00 A.M. EST


Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 11.01.59 AM

Lollapalooza officially has thousands upon thousands of very angry hipsters with elevated heart rates all yelling expletives at their computer screens as the Stand-By pinwheel continues to circle round and round.

In this time I have to wait, I reflect. How is a music festival so incredible that enough people are so desperately eager for tickets that they made an entire website crash? With each coming August brings another Lolla. The high-profile Chicago music festival has been known to feature a wide range of artists from highly anticipated headliners to no-name up-and-comers.

To me, the Lollapalooza experience is two-fold. Side 1: seeing the bands I know and love with my friends, dancing and singing along to the lyrics in the sea of adoring fans. Side 2: wandering around the grounds of Grant Park, finding bands I’ve never even heard of. To stop amongst the craziness of the music festival, and pay attention, experiencing all the grounds have to offer. You never know who will put on the best show.

11:14 A.M. EST

My friends and I are losing hope. Early Bird passes have sold out. All of us are on a never-ending cycle of Stand-By screens. Will we go to Lollapalooza this year? Could they have sold out that quickly? Should I abandon my laptop so I can make it to my next class on time?

11:17 A.M. EST

What? I’m in! This is happening so quickly! Entering my credit card info is all a blur.

photo (1)


Wednesday March 26th, 2014

The lineup has been released, and while many are disappointed, I am thrilled. With Arctic Monkeys headlining, I was assured to have at least one band I desperately wanted to see. Backed by Broken Bells, Bombay Bicycle Club, Foster The People, Spoon, Cage The Elephant, Portugal. The Man, The Kooks, Flume, Childish Gambino, and several dozen other groups to explore and discover, saying I’m just excited is a gross understatement. Check out the line up, decide for yourself. This Lolla-goer is far from disappointed by anything except perhaps my anthropology notes from Tuesday.