Jukebox Time Travel

Sometimes, I am thinking back to the tumultuous early teenage years despite myself. As newly inducted teens, we were often dramatic, temperamental, naïve, and a little bit ridiculous. Prone to tides of emotion and an intense desire to be understood, we were desperately thrown together at various awkward stages of our development. Luckily, we can trace these memories back through music and relive the plights together. Here are some moments to remember.
In fact, Here’s to the Night (by Eve 6).

Brighter than Sunshine by Aqualung
Failing to will your clasped hands dry while you show your middle school that you and your boo are indeed “going out.”

The Brilliant Dance by Dashboard Confessional
You’ve been undergoing dramatic bouts of philosophical shifts, the most recent of these being angry existentialism.

(The Symphony Of) Blase by Anberlin
After receiving an ambiguous message on AIM (“g2g cya ltr”) from said middle school boo, you are caught in a paranoid whirlwind, convinced that the relationship is over.

Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley
You have broken up with, and subsequently are “so over” your first middle school boo, but have no new prospects yet.

Yellow by Coldplay
You still have no real prospects.

Memory by Sugarcult
And actually, you’re kind of wishing that it had all worked out.

Landslide by Fleetwood Mac
Tears infiltrate your vision as you sit at the back of the bus anticipating the end of your eighth-grade year. You have very nebulous definitions of love, change and age.

Cold Water by Damien Rice
You’re either slow dancing at a trendy middle school dance or you’ve recently experienced some kind of deeply scarring pain.

Suspension by Mae, Take a Picture by Filter
You have finally acquired the long-anticipated driver’s license and you are driving with your friends on a cool summer night. With arms dancing out the windows, you “swear [you] were infinite.”

Written by Juhee Lee

About the author

Juhee is a self proclaimed independent thinker and modern woman. She enjoys studying the pearly morning dews on her window while sipping coffee to the healing sounds of indie rock and folk. “I want an infinitely blank book and the rest of time.”