Ghost Beach, Blonde

Ghost Beach

The name for a band has never been more appropriate than for this group. Ghost Beach’s songs have a way of staying with the listener well after they’re over, as if the spirit of the song lingered around waiting for the next one to start. Blonde is the band’s first full release and the self-genred “tropical grit pop” band hits the hammer pretty well on the head with it.

Consisting of Josh Ocean and Eric “Doc” Mendelsohn, the duo rely heavily on synth chords, Ocean’s high range, and drum/bass sample mixing to bring the listener through the trip that is this album. The band evokes feelings of walking along the beach during the sunrise with a boombox on your shoulders and a style of dress right out of Back to the Future. It’s the seamless mix of vocal harmonies and bass/synth mixing that make this band such a delight to listen to. It’s a true mash of current day pop with those from the ’80s.

While the music is unique and carries a good temp, it is not what one may consider proper party music. There are plenty of chances to dance to the song, but this album is meant for chilling and hanging out. You and some friends want to swing by and drink beer? Hit this CD for some background music and you’ll be golden pony boy. The songs on the album carry a quick beat that will keep the mood light and you’ll never have to worry about the mood dipping thanks to the band’s inherent lightness.

On the flip side none of the songs really blast off and make an extreme impact on the listener. They’re pleasant to listen to but only so many of the songs can be carried by Ocean’s voice or the synth mixes. The songs have the problem of blending and meshing together after awhile. You’ll go back to pick out your favorite song and lose yourself in the album trying to find the one that you wanted. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s bland, but a little more variety from the band couldn’t hurt.

After listening to the album you will have felt like you’ve been taken on a journey. The songs play out like you’re in the middle of a movie running in slow motion. Every one of them will be able to bring out the 80’s pop star of your dreams, but after awhile you may find yourself getting lost in the slightly repetitive beats and wavy background noise in each song.

Written by Jacob Conflitti

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A soon to be UofM grad hoping to break into the world of writing, although his poor grasp of grammar does not help.