This is What Dreams are Made Of; A Common Girl’s Dream Come True

“Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made of.” These words are known to every ’90s kid, every ’00s kid, every parent, sibling, or friend of a 90’s kid, and basically anybody who lived in the year 2003. The year Lizzie McGuire, aka Hilary Duff reined supreme. 2003 is when The Lizzie McGuire Movie was released, starring Hilary Duff, and by that time she had released her second album, the VERY well known album by every tween at the time Metamorphosis. Hilary Duff was the idol, with her songs and face all over Disney Channel, the movie theatres, and the radio, she was an icon, a legend, basically perfection and the girl everyone wanted to be. Who doesn’t remember her hit songs “So Yesterday,” or “Come Clean?” I mean come on; it was even a theme song for a MTV hit reality show. That is when you know you have made it, when your hit song is the theme song for a hit television show.

Hilary Duff was and is perfect. She came out with more albums and produced more hits, but was done in the musical industry by 2008; this is NOT what dreams are made of. If you can’t tell, for all college girls right now, or everyone ages 17 to 22, Hilary Duff was the one and only star we had eyes for, and now being older we can go back and look at her early career and still appreciate it. Everyone has seen the Twitter accounts that spoof her old television shows and movies, and the lyrics above “Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made,” might honestly be more well known now than when they originally came out. Thank you technology and the Internet for allowing everyone to relive their obsession with Hilary Duff.

So Hilary Duff got married, had a child and basically became the only Disney Channel star not gone completely insane, and the love for her, after all these years out of the spot light grew. And then one day, BAM, the world has shifted, every common girl in America stopped and held their breath anxiously because Hilary Duff was working on a new album and released a new single. I give you “Chasing the Sun.”

Hilary Duff can do no wrong, obviously have you not been reading this whole article, and new music from her caused a wave of excitement and nostalgia. If you like Duff’s old stuff, you will probably like this new song. Nothing vocally amazing, but she was never Adele, but catchy, fun, and just right for her. Sure, maybe she is older and needs a little help in the recording studio and maybe there is a little mixing going on in this new single, but it is light and open. New material from an artist who has been gone for many years is always fantastic, so appreciate the greatness that this woman has given the world and take it all in. It is not every day that all the girls in the world get their dreams to become a reality, but in this case, it happened.


Written by Alaina Stevenson

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Hi, my name is Alaina Stevenson and I am a freshman at the University of Michigan. I love music and my favorite kinds are country, rock, and pop. I am a huge Michigan Basketball and Harry Potter fan (very different, I know.) I love writing and being able to write about music is a blast, enjoy the posts and Go Blue!