Why Country Music Reigns Supreme

Why is Country music the best type of music? Well this is going to cause a lot of debate, but to put simply: It is the most honest, and therefore the best.

Rap music tries to be constantly cool, pop these days is completely fake and edited, and lastly, alternative music is simply trying so hard not to be mainstream that it becomes mainstream to like obscure bands, therefore defeating the purpose of avoiding any popular bands.

That leaves us with…country music. Yes, there are a HELL of a lot of stereotypes, and yes, most of them are probably true, but in a good way. Country music talks a lot about drinking, trucks, girls, love, bonfires, but the general messages are the same: relationships, family, friends, and all the stress and struggles of life.

Music is an escape for all people, and it simply depends what kind of music fits your taste and how you wish to enjoy music, or escape your pain. Do you want to hear screaming music or slow and soothing? Rap or country? Punk or bluegrass?

Country music never claims to be anything it isn’t, unlike every other genre of music, and country music realizes it is a smaller group in the music world and appeals to a very small group of people. Not only does it appeal to a very small group of people, even fewer people are supposed to listen to country music; riding boots, country hats, and cut off jeans, are the supposed requirements to listen and enjoy country music. Nobody else is ever supposed to admit enjoying country music unless you live south of the Mason Dixon Line.

Regardless of all the stereotypes, the best part about country music, is that it makes no excuses for the kind of music it is, it comes right out and is proud of itself. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Brad Paisley’s “This is Country Music.” His song is perfect, it tells exactly what country music is, no skimming around the truth, but is proud of it in every way. No other genre of music is so blatantly honest and open as country music. Take one look at the lyrics,

“You’re not supposed to say the word “cancer” in a song.
And tellin’ folks Jesus is the answer can rub ’em wrong.
It ain’t hip to sing about tractors, trucks, little towns, and mama, yeah that might be true.
But this is country music and we do.”

And because of this ability to accept, love, be proud, and make no excuse for itself, (kind of like the beautiful United States of America,) another wonderful theme that is prevalent in country music, it is the best kind of music. ‘MERICA.

Written by Alaina Stevenson

About the author

Hi, my name is Alaina Stevenson and I am a freshman at the University of Michigan. I love music and my favorite kinds are country, rock, and pop. I am a huge Michigan Basketball and Harry Potter fan (very different, I know.) I love writing and being able to write about music is a blast, enjoy the posts and Go Blue!