Country Music: Perfect For Every Occasion

Country music is perfect. It is that one genre of music that can have undertones of rock, jazz, blue grass, folk, pop, and hip hop, all in one musical area. Country songs can be fast or slow, happy or sad, and if you think about it, there is a country song for every moment in everyone’s life. Country songs can narrate any love story, breakup story, or a moving on and growing up story. Country music is always there. No other genre can boast that. This truly is the perfect type of music, yet so many people won’t give it a chance. Let’s try putting some of these songs into context, and I guarantee you, if you heard that perfect song at a wedding, birthday party, or graduation, you would be moved to tears and think country music is just as perfect as I do.

Perfect Wedding/ First Dance Songs: “God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton

This song says it all in its title, God made that one other creature specifically for you, and now you can marry them and be together forever. Your better half and one person that completes you and is the love of your life. How can you not love and enjoy this song, and your telling me if this was your first dance at your wedding you wouldn’t instantly love it? Come on. Blake Shelton wrote this specifically for his wife; it doesn’t get any more romantic than that.

Graduation: “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins

This song is a tearjerker, yet so accurate. I personally cry every time I hear this song and I can’t help it. It is so moving. Sure, graduation can be exciting, and maybe you weren’t sad to be moving on, but you are going to miss the memories you leave behind one way or another, and eventually you are going to miss what you can never get back, no matter how excited you are to move forward in life. So take a second, listen to this song, cry, and realize life is fleeting, and you are eventually going to miss this.

Funeral: “Just A Dream” by Carrie Underwood

This is depressing, I know, but some country music is depressing, and at a funeral, when people have trouble putting their feelings into words, let a song do it for you. Tragedy might feel like a dream and not feel real, but let music be your solstice and get you through it and relate to you in a way nothing else but music can.

Falling In Love; “Our Song” by Taylor Swift

This early Taylor Swift classic is still tolerable these days because her youth and innocence shines through. Happy and ecstatic to be in love every moment of the day, when every second spent together is joyous, and  it’s put into the simplest terms in this catchy tune. No pomp and circumstance. it’s simple: I love everything about you from talking on the phone to a little car ride. You make my day better. The essence of love.

Breaking Up: “What Hurts The Most” by Rascal Flatts

This song pulls at the chords on a heart going through a breakup, because that is what Rascal Flatts does best. They make you feel, love, cry, and ultimately, move on with your life, but not without some good agony first. Breakups do hurt, they will feel like the most painful thing in the world, as Rascal Flatts so beautifully tells, but you will get through it, and what better way than with the help of Rascal Flatts? I love this band and feel the same things they are enough if I am not going through a breakup, but if you are, trust me, they help.

So all in all, country music is the music of life. Meant to be heard, sung, and lived. So go ahead live life, enjoy, and let me supply the soundtrack for all those big memorable moments.

Written by Alaina Stevenson

About the author

Hi, my name is Alaina Stevenson and I am a freshman at the University of Michigan. I love music and my favorite kinds are country, rock, and pop. I am a huge Michigan Basketball and Harry Potter fan (very different, I know.) I love writing and being able to write about music is a blast, enjoy the posts and Go Blue!