Coldplay, “Magic”

coldplay magicColdplay frontman Chris Martin once said he thinks the group peaked with their 2008 release Viva La Vida, as they would be unable to produce anything much better. And honestly, he was probably right. But the group’s new single, “Magic,” makes me hopeful that their upcoming LP, Ghost Stories, will be something more worthwhile than their previous releases.

With a somber sound at its opening, “Magic” seems to suggest a less lighthearted sound for the upcoming album (an odd choice for a springtime release). However, what is really of value to note here is the different sound. Done away with are the Dayglow paint-slapped pianos, and in place of them is a Radiohead-sounding simplicity with a distortion similar to what is found on Radiohead’s 2007 release “Reckoner.”

Well, maybe the track isn’t as great as the almighty indie powerhouse that is Radiohead, but even the single’s more pop-infused section presents changes in song structure and style. This track should get Coldplay fans a bit excited because it shows that Coldplay may be climbing out of the Viva La Vida rut they have been stuck in for six years. It has been time to move on for a while, and maybe Coldplay has finally realized it.

Written by Alex Baumgarten

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