Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” Party Remixes

beyonce-drunk-in-love party remixBeyonce’s new self titled visual album dropped last month to high critical acclaim and enough twitter attention to have us all believe that Justin Bieber had went and left another monkey in a German airport. One of the album’s most popular singles, “Drunk in Love”, has been claiming the charts in recent weeks do in part to its smooth R&B styling and down right sexy lyrics. But as you twerk away to “Drunk in Love” at your next university social event, know you may not be using this song to its full potential. So complex and deep is this track, so vast is Beyonce’s musical genius, that many other songs have been hidden within “Drunk in Love”. So lets take a listen to some of these unpacked secret tracks in a series of “Drunk in Love” party remixes.


1. “Surfboard (Grindin’ on That)”

Fact: ladies love Beyonce. Fact: boys like girls (Not to be confused with the popular band Boys Like Girls which no one likes). So what better track to get girls out on the dance floor than this new “Drunk in Love” remix, “Surfboard (Grindin’ on That)” The sweet beats of this remix are sure to get the twerk fest started as Beyonce serenades you with an all too vivid description of her and Jay Z’s sexual intercourse. And to ensure that the part never ends, this track is extended to be a full hour and eight minutes long,  in order to maximize party output.

If an hour is too long, a three minute alternative is also available.

2. “Snake Charmer Swag”

But maybe you aren’t about the beats, maybe its that smooth rhythmic melody that you crave. Don’t fear, “Snake Charmer Swag” is sure to give you the rhythmic melodious needed to get those hips swinging. With the sensual undertones to tame any “snake” out on the floor, this remix also spans over an hour for the same reason as remix number one.

3. “Boy, I’m Drankin'”

“Boy, I’m Drankin'” is the perfect song for any party’s peek. The perfect piece to “turn up” to, this track has a beat that will get any one moving. Find that its 40 second length is a bit too long? Then you probably aren’t “dranking” enough.


I think we can all agree, after these listening to these remixes, the original just doesn’t sound the same anymore.

Written by Alex Baumgarten

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