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After two years in publication, Badger Senate is now shutting down for good. Throughout its publication Badger Senate has strived to be a voice for free and personal music commentary on the web.  After observing that many articles on the big name websites were completely dishonest due to political ties to the artists, Badger Senate set out to publish honest opinions.

The past two years have held many fantastic and exciting experiences for us here at Badger Senate. Coming from our humble beginnings, to bringing on a full staff last year, BS has served as an opportunity and a learning experience for all involved. In the process we’ve strove to provide our readers with some of the best music related content available on the web. We at Badger Senate appreciate your loyal readership over the past two years, and look forward to what the future holds.

Top 10 misheard lyrics

Top 10 misheard lyrics

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2 Chainz to Perform at Hillel Auditorium

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In Defense of 2 Chainz

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Radiohead’s Albums: Worst to Best

The Greatest Tweets of Kanye West

The Greatest Tweets of Kanye West


House Party Folk Band Bennett Takes the Show

Interview: Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers

Interview: Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers

10 Songs ruined by the radio

10 Songs Ruined by the Radio